The oldest bodega
in Jerez,
where it all began.

The oldest bodega
in Jerez,
where it all began.


The origin of our brand begins in 1730 with Bodegas Fundador, the oldest bodega in the Marco de Jerez region. 


Its beginnings are closely linked to the Domecq surname, a family with French origins and forefathers of the wine industry whose most important personality was Pedro Domecq Loustau, creator of the first Spanish brandy in 1874. 

Alfonso XIII

The family’s relationship with Spanish Royalty left its mark on the bodega through the signatures of H.M. King Fernando VII, H.M. King Alfonso XIII, H.M. Queen Victoria Eugenia and Don Juan de Borbon on our casks.

1874 TODAY

The first

The history of Brandy in the world cannot be understood without knowing the history of Fundador.

It was in the Bodega de la Luz where the first Brandy produced in Spain was born, hence its name: Fundador. 

An icon

Since its beginnings, Fundador has been a reference Brandy de Jerez brand in Spain. Its quality has always made it stand out from other drinks during brandy’s period of greatest popularity.


We take care of every detail in the elaboration process from the beginning until the end: from selecting land and planting to bottling. Only this way we achieve products of the highest quality.


The best conditions result in Palomino and Pedro Ximénez grapes perfect for producing the four types of sherry wine: Fino, Amontillado, Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez.

The perfect triangle

The Marco de Jerez region has the ideal conditions of sun, wind and soil to produce the best wines and brandies of Jerez.

The collection of Fundador brandies has been growing over the years with new products, consolidating our leadership as a reference company for Brandy de Jerez and positioning us as the leading Brandy producer in the world.

Traditional system

In our own distillery, we control the entire distillation process of holandas and spirits, which will age through the Criaderas and Solera system typical of the Marco de Jerez. An art perfected thanks to more than 300 years of experience.

Going further

Thanks to our Master Blender we have given back to the Brandy category the protagonism it deserves, creating a new collection that elevates Brandy to its maximum expression due to its ageing: the Sherry Cask Collection.