FUNDADOR Supremo 15

Brandy de Jerez Solera Gran Reserva obtained from wines carefully selected for distillation. Aged in Sherry Casks that have contained 15-year-old Amontillado. A simply unmatched expression.


Intense amber with golden rims, luminous and bright. Its notes of wood stand out, providing an elegant and persistent finish.


Warm, rounded, with notes of nuts and toasted nuances. Complex and structured.


Smooth and powerful with notes of vanilla and nuts. Harmonious, vinous and round, with very complex nuances due to its evolution in wood seasoned with Oloroso.

The best among many
Double Gold Medal
ISC 2021
Double Gold Medal
SFWSC 2020
Gold Medal
CWSA 2020
Double Gold Medal
ISC 2019
Gold Medal
Best Valued CWSA 2022