Unique creations that represent an innovation within the Brandy de Jerez category thanks to their ageing in Sherry Casks.

This collection begins with the creation of Fundador Supremo, a Prestige Brandy that reveals unique tastes, and travels through Fundador Triple Madera and Doble Madera with its intense nuances, until arriving at Fundador Sherry Cask Solera Reserva, the original brandy adapted to new palates.

Each number corresponds to the age of the Oloroso, Amontillado and Pedro Ximénez that the Sherry Casks have contained previously.
Its collar certifies the age of each sherry wine, and guarantees the authenticity of the Brandy.

Fundador Supremo, forerunner of the Sherry Cask collection, takes the Brandy category to the top.

Supremo 18
Supremo 15
Supremo 12

Fundador Triple Madera and its special elaboration process makes it a contemporary Brandy with a unique taste.

Triple Madera

Fundador Doble Madera and its double ageing result in a very special Brandy full of nuances.

Doble Madera

Fundador Sherry Cask Solera completes the collection, presented as an updated Brandy with a wide range of nuances.

Sherry Cask Solera

Our best
kept treasure

Centuries of experience have given us a unique way of elaborating Brandy thanks to our Sherry Casks.