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Its origins date back to 1730 in an old 17th century mill. A very special place that represents the birthplace of Fundador, the oldest bodega in Jerez.

Centenary oak wood casks that have contained the best sherry wines, where the brandy subsequently ages, acquiring the unique nuances that have been impregnated in the wood.

Thanks to the attention and care we pay to our Sherry Casks, we succeed in ageing our wines and brandies for many years. A passion that, at the same time, they transmit to our products, reaching the highest standards of quality guaranteed by international recognition.

The floor of our El Molino bodega has a curious history behind it. In ancient times, ships arriving at the Jerez port for the sherry export carried on board numerous rounded stones that helped stability during the voyage. On the return journey, these stones were left unused in the port, and it was decided to use them in the construction of the first bodegas of the Marco de Jerez.

Brandy elaboration, with more than 300 years of history, cannot be understood without the key role of our expert hands from Jerez who take care and control each process. In this way, knowledge and know-how are combined after years of tradition, incorporating new technologies that result in the best products.

Our Sherry Casks are a highly prized possession, because the nuances that oak wood brings to the liquid that contains it during ageing are unique. This means that other distillates such as whisky come to our bodegas to use them in the elaboration of their most exclusive products, adding the characteristics of sherry wines.

The Sherry Casks are one of the key elements for the quality of Brandy de Jerez, but also the dynamic ageing system used, in which complex blends are made to elaborate unrepeatable products.

The time that the Fino, Amontillado and Pedro Ximénez sherry wines remain inside the cask is essential for the wood to acquire all their essence, which will later be transmitted to the brandy.

Pago de Macharnudo is where the whole process begins, where the grapes are grown to create excellent sherry wines that will bring unique nuances to our brandies.

The biological ageing of our sherry wines produces the velo de flor, a yeast layer that is formed on the surface of the wine, isolating it from the oxygen in the cask and preventing it from oxidising.

The ageing of our wines and brandies is done using the traditional Marco de Jerez system. A dynamic Criaderas and Solera process in which the liquid is carefully extracted from the 2nd Criadera to refill or “rociar” the 1st Criadera, and finally, refill the Solera which is at the bottom. The same amount of liquid is always extracted and refilled, and the casks are never completely emptied.

Our Sherry Casks collection is made up of products for demanding palates, who appreciate the nuances that these special casks provide.

The wood of our Sherry Casks is key during the ageing process due to the benefits it brings to brandy, resulting in products that are totally adapted to contemporary consumers who are looking for gentle drinks with a unique smoothness, very special aromas and a totally natural sweetness.

Fundador Supremo, with its three expressions, is a Prestige brandy that elevates the category to the highest level.

Fundador Supremo, with its three expressions, is a Prestige brandy that elevates the category to the highest level.

Fundador Supremo, with its three expressions, is a Prestige brandy that elevates the category to the highest level.

Fundador Triple Madera, an innovation in the world of brandy as it is a mixture of three types of sherry wines: Fino, Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez. The perfect blend.

Fundador Sherry Cask Solera, the first brandy de Jerez also perfect for blending and with the credibility to reinvent the brandy category.