Earth with John Holden: Brandy sostenibility

April, 2022   Earth with John Holden explores in this episode the vineyards of Daramezas in Toledo, Spain. A place where a very special grape variety is grown, necessary to obtain the best brandy de Jerez in the world: Brandy Fundador.  

What is Earth with John Holden?

Earth with John Holden is an American TV program that showcases inspiring companies and places around the world where sustainable and environmentally friendly practices are implemented. Its main objective? To create an efficient community and improve people's life quality through different activities: business, health, food, industry...   Hosted by six-time Emmy Award winner and NBC News journalist John Holden, the programme takes an in-depth look at innovative solutions, ideas and technologies that are being used, developed or researched around the world. Each episode focuses on those who are striving to make the right choices to promote the health of the world we live in.   This way, viewers are involved and reflected in these stories through interviews and location visits. This provides an insight into how companies are pursuing environmental protection, combining tradition with the latest technological advances, in order to create a better world with the most efficient result.

Earth with John Holden: discovering Fundador

  In this episode, John Holden accompanies us to Daramezas (Toledo), a key location in the production process of our brandies de Jerez. The famous and large vineyard placed here is where the Airén grapes, needed to produce the highest quality products, are grown. This grape has been cultivated for centuries, approximately since the year 1700, improving and optimising the techniques used in its growth.
  Guided by the company's expert employees, you will see the importance that history has in this place, where tradition has continued to be preserved as a symbol of sustainability.   It also highlights the sustainable and eco-friendly processes that we implement, from the vineyard to the bottling process, always looking for an optimum final result. This includes monitored humidity and salinity sensors, intelligent irrigation systems that optimise the oxygenation of the water used, as well as its more efficient use, aerial drones for a simpler vineyard supervision, and the use of the falcon, an ancient art, for pest control.   Kevin Tan, executive member of Emperador Distillers, to which Fundador belongs, says: "As the world's largest brandy producer, we have a responsibility to take care of our consumers, making the best products for both them and the environment around us.   In this way, the heritage of the most traditional methods and the most modern systems merge to create a perfect ecological synergy that is reflected in the quality of all our products, both in the Sherry Cask Collection and in Fundador.   As you can see, the world of brandy de Jerez hides many secrets, making it a unique drink. Visit our blog to learn more.