French haute cuisine surrenders to the charms of Fundador Supremo

October, 2021
French chef Romain Fornell is the new ambassador of Fundador Supremo brandy. Until next year, Fornell will showcase the strengths and qualities of this Prestige brandy as the perfect accompaniment to French haute cuisine. 
Romain Fornell, Ángel Piña, Marc Álvarez and Guillaume Gómez

Fundador Supremo and Romain Fornell, the best among many

  Romain Fornell has just become the new ambassador of Fundador Supremo, but French chef's relationship with Supremo has a long history, and this collaboration is the culmination of it. As he says "it started a year and a half ago, with my trip to Jerez, where I visited Bodegas Fundador, saw its amazing collection of casks, tasted exceptional liquids... It is a legacy so deep and unknown at the same time... It has a great story to tell. I am pleased to be a part of it”.   Excellence and a long history define the relationship between Fundador and Romain Fornell. Both are role models in their area, the best among many,as they have been able to develop over time and create new products focused on the most demanding palates, always offering a unique sensorial experience.   As Fornell rightly says, "Supremo plays with wood and time, just as a great chef plays with product and technique.  Haute cuisine must understand the greatness of the Marco de Jerez region and their products to be able to experiment with a liquid like Fundador Supremo, and elevate it to a premium gastronomic experience".   The elaboration of quality brandies requires the best sherry wines, unique Sherry Casks and centuries of experience. Speaking of Sherry Casks is referring to American oak casks with a great porosity and transfer of nuances, and which are the object of desire of distillates such as the best Single Malt Whiskies for their ageing process. Therefore, and in words of Ángel Piña, Global Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer of Supremo, "at Fundador we are finally claiming and giving value to a treasure that other categories discovered and have been using for a long time. These casks are unique in the world, and it is in the Marco de Jerez region where "the magic" has to happen. In addition, making our Harveys sherry wines, gives us the ability to select the best Sherry Casks to elaborate our best Fundador brandies". (Harveys Bristol Cream is the world's best-selling sherry wine brand according to IWSR 2020).
The three expressions of Fundador Supremo

Caelis: the perfect place for this alliance

Caelis, the chef’s Michelin-starred restaurant in Barcelona, was chosen to present this new union through a menu exclusively created for this very special union.
Romain Fornell at his restaurant, Caelis
Guests enjoyed special amuse-bouches paired with the sherry wines that have contained the Sherry Casks where each Supremo is aged: Amontillado V.O.R.S., Oloroso V.O.R.S. and Pedro Ximénez V.O.R.S..   Then, diners enjoyed a meal armonized with each Supremo expression. As a final drink, they tasted on the terrace the liquid pairing made with Fundador Sherry Cask Solera, Fundador’s new launching, created by Marc Álvarez and Simone Caporale from Sips, also Fundador's bartenders partners.    The event was attended by important personalities from the culinary sector, such as Guillaume Gómez, Personal Representative of the President of France for Gastronomy and Food and close friend of Romain Fornell, who wanted to take part in this special occasion. Also, taking advantage of this new alliance between the two countries, Romain was awarded with the Knight in the National Order of Merit insignia.
Olivier Ramadour, Romain Fornell and Guillaume Gómez

Road to Gastronomika 2021

  The unique and incomparable pairing of French and Spanish gastronomy will mark the agenda of Gastronomika 2021, which will be held in San Sebastian from 14-17 November.   The 23rd edition will be focused on France and its gastronomy by the most important chefs at the moment. The perfect conditions in which Fundador Supremo and the chef Romain Fornell will be part, presenting to the entire sector the joining between this golden liquid from Jerez and French haute cuisine.   Learn more about Fundador Supremo and its three special expressions in our website.  

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